Ng Teng Fong· Sino Group Belt and Road Research Institute


One Belt One Road Initiative was launched by President Xi Jinping in late 2013 to address challenges from the upgrading of the Chinese export-oriented economy and reorganizing of its outbound investments. In past years, the initiative has evolved to become a grand strategy of China for national resurgence in economics, politics as well as culture. The main focus has been placed on the Silk Road spirit, which means peace and development and multi-polarity in global governance. As such, the Chinese strategy involves geostrategic issues at global, regional and national levels and a disruption to the existing status quo of Pax Americana that has been established since the World War II in the 20th Century. Lately the Initiative includes an ultimate goal of achieving a community of shared future for Mankind.


The Ng Teng Fong· Sino Group Belt and Road Research Institute of the Hong Kong Chu Hai College has been established since 2017. With a broader framework and the concern for actual policy outcomes, the Research Institute has been conducting multi-disciplinary research on the various aspects of development of the One Belt One Road strategy, and the evolution of its conceptualization and implementations.





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